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What is Ostara?

Hail and welcome witches! Lets talk about the magickal eight sabbats that many of us pagans (witches, wiccans, druids and so forth) celebrate. In this article series you can read about the eight different holy days that we love and cherish. These eight holy days follow the natural rhythm of Mother Nature. And reminds us that we also are a part of her.

Blessed Ostara – spring is finally here! Time to let go if the winter within you. At the time of the spring equinox, around the dates 20. to 23. of March we witches celebrate the pagan festival of Ostara. On this day night and day are equal in length and the days will become longer and longer from here on. It is a sacred time that reminds us of being patient, once more summer will come. We must have faith that all will happen at the perfect moment. Nature never doubts that its seed and leaves will grow once more.

Once more the wheel of the year turns and at the spring equinox we celebrate Ostara 🐇

Find balance and celebrate new life and honour your dreams

On this sacred day night and day are equal, nature is in a state of perfect balance filled with hope and promises for the time to come. Find balance within you, honour both your shadow and light sides and set intentions for the energetic and fertile time to come.

Ostara marks a new start in many ways. We go into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, on this day, and the sun and daytime is now «taking over». It is a time of trusting your planted ideas at Imbolc, stick to it and carry on with faith and belief in yourself. You can adjust and be creative with your dreams, keep manifesting and believe in yourself!

The Goddess awakens and are preparing her self to meet the God at Beltane on May the 1st.

The Maiden awakens

At Ostara he Goddess, still in her maiden form, awakens from her winter slumber and are preparing herself for the meeting with the God at Beltane. The Goddess symbolizes Mother Earth which here in the Northern Hemisphere is getting ready for her most fertile, energetic and productive time of her cyclical life.

This is a time to start something new as well as caring for your plans and dreams for the year. Live in flow with nature and enjoy the wonderful warming rays of the spring sun. Let it fill you with energy, hope and vitality so you can live ot your dreams to the fullest.

Ostara is also called Eostre and falls often at the same time as the Christian celebration of Easter (which is yet an adaption form the pagan ways). Easter eggs comes from the symbolism used during the celebration of Ostara. Decorate your house (and altar) with eggs (the ultimate symbol of fertility) that you have painted or decorated. I love to paint eggs with my kids and it fills my heart with joy to work with bright colours.

More tips on how you can celebrate this sabbat:

  • Make your seeds for the garden ready and plan how your garden will be this year. Bless and plant them inside so that they mature in they’re own pace.🌱
  • Eat a delicious chocolate, it is time to enjoy the sweetness of life!🍫
  • Spring clean your house and «air out» the winter. Cleanse your crystals✨
  • Get rid of things you don’t use, donate, sell or recycle. Then have a look at what you might need for the productive phase to come. This is the time when the witch looks at her equipment, is there any herbs she needs to plant more of? Maybe she needs more candles and so on. 🕯
  • Bake bread or buns, it is a perfect way of honouring what Mother Earth gives to us❤
Meditate out in nature and soak in Mother Earths wonderful energy at this time of the year 🌞

I wish you a blessed and energetic Ostara and Spring Equinox!

Love and light from me 🧙🏻‍♀️

Blessed be! 🌱

Ragna er tarotekspert, skribent og stolt heks. Hennes hovedfokus er tarot, heksekunst og spirituell utvikling. Hun holder kurs i tarot og har en medlemsside, Lunation, for moderne hekser.

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