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What is Beltane?

Hail and welcome witches! Lets talk about the magickal eight sabbats that many of us pagans (witches, wiccans, druids and so forth) celebrate. In this article series you can read about the eight different holy days that we love and cherish. These eight holy days follow the natural rhythm of Mother Nature. And reminds us that we also are a part of her.

Beltane is celebrated from mid-day on April the 30th until midnight on May the 1st.

Beltane marks the time between early spring and mid-summer

On May the 1st we celebrate the fire-festival Beltane. To be super accurate: it starts on mid-day the last day of April and then goes on until midnight on May the 1st. Beltane is the second cross quarter festival of the year and marks the most fertile and energetic time between early spring and mid-summer. This is a time to be bold, brave and to create! Your «dream-seeds» are now sprouting and growing! Enjoy this playful and lovely time of the year.

Goddess is seeded by the god – feminine and masculine unite

Beltane is at the most potent time for nature here in the Northern Hemisphere. This is when the goddess is impregnated by the god. Mother nature is at her most fertile at this time of the year. We can see that when we are preparing our fields for the season to come. this is the perfect time to breed, plant and create. The birds are building nests, animals are breeding and a lot of us are in love during the sweet time of spring. Life is bursting everywhere and soon the colour palette changes from grey and brown to bright greens. This is when the feminine and masculine energies unite and with this union, creation happens every second. This is a perfect sabbat to celebrate love, sexuality and fertility (creativity).

Fire is a central part of the celebration

The word Beltane means «bright fire» or «lucky fire». It is a auspicious time to be creative, energetic and «out there». The element of fire is important during this festival and can be a central element of your celebration of this sabbat. Use fire to protect, transform and release. Light a candle and focus on the flame, ask the fire spirits to protect and be with you and your family. Transforming all negative into positive.

You can also make a bonfire and spend time around the flames with the people you love. Of you want you can make a little ceremony out of it and write notes with themes and energies you want ro release and then throw it (safely) on the flame to banish it.

Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate Beltane:

  • Work with flowers and mother nature. Get your hands dirty in the soil and/ or plan how your garden is going to be this year.
  • Decorate your altar/ power-space with flowers, seeds and green colours.
  • Wash your face with the morning dew on Beltane morning (1st of May). It is supposed to have magical beautifying properties.
  • Celebrate your body and honour you sexuality. Say nice things to yourself and your partner. This is a good day to do you know what 😉
  • Lit a fire: candle or maybe even a bonfire. Dance and work with the transformational flames ( be careful). Ask the fire spirits
  • Make a may-pole, celebrating both the masculine and the feminine by decorating.
  • Be kind to both animals and the nature around you. Be extra loving towards all living things this day.

Listen and watch to the podcast episode about Beltane here:

Have blessed and merry Beltane celebration!

Blessed be!

Love and light from me🧙🏻‍♀️🔮

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