Read this before you start your journey:

Welcome ❤

Yay! Let the fun begin! Are you ready for your exciting tarot journey? I sure am.

This is an investment for your soul and you will discover that you can use your tarot cards again and again. The best part about tarot, in my opinion, is that you actually never stop learning it. Still, after many years of reading tarot for clients and myself, I learn new things about this amazing divination tool. This constantly deepens my readings. However if you never have used tarot cards, or are really new to this art, then it is nice to start somewhere. And that is the purpose of this course.

Even though you wont get fully educated in the art, (which you, nor I, basically never will be) I can promise you that you will find deep joy and connection to your cards after this course. You will feel much more comfortable on picking them up and pulling a card for yourself or others.

Have fun!🔮

Before you start with the video lessons:

Before you dive into the video lessons of this course I would like to suggest that you have a couple of things ready and at hand:

  • A tarot card deck. You can of course complete this course without your own tarot deck, but you will get most out this course if you actually do the lessons with tarot cards.🔮
  • A notebook dedicated to this course. It might come in handy to have a designated notebook for this course and you tarot journey after you have done all the lessons. This will help you when you do the different tasks I suggest in the lessons📝
  • An open mind and kindness towards yourself! Be kind to yourself, but dear to challenge your intuition and comfort zone. The sooner you get going and actually start to use your cards, the better! I promise you that you will discover a powerful and magickal world, both around and within you, when you start using this tool. 💜

This is what you are going to learn in this online course:

I wish you a blessed and fun Tarot Journey and so happy that you are here!

Love and light from Ragna🧙🏻‍♀️