Lesson 5 – Get Confident With Your Tarot Card Readings

Welcome to this lesson! In this video I will show you how you can more confident with your tarot cards. By learning some easy, powerful and exciting techniques you will never pull the wrong cards and you will trust your self.

In this video lesson I will help you with this:

  • Tell you how you can have a good outset for your readings, and whys this is important!
  • Talk a bit about what intuition is and how you can use it in a safe way in your tarot readings.
  • Talk a bit a bout how important a good code of ethics are when you do tarot reading.
  • Learn you some powerful affirmations that will boost your confidence, activate your intuition and strengthen your focus before you start pulling and reading your cards.

Ps: Sorry about the nasal voice! I had just gotten a cold so my nose was all congested🤧


As I mention in the video, it is really important to have a code of ethics when you do tarot readings, especially if your doing reading for clients, friends or family. Trust your intuition, but focus on the stuff that builds up and motivate people. Please don’t meddle around with fear energy, danger and warnings – the consequences can be severe when people get scared! Remember that, even if you are a novice tarot reader, people are so vulnerable and hopeful when they come to for a reading – honour that by focusing on how you can help them in a loving and positive way.

Focus on love, motivation and how you or your client can feel better. I personally NEVER answer questions about health, death or pregnancies in any of my readings. I don’t see how this will help people – AND I really don’t want to know scary dark stuff about peoples future or present. Of course your are free to to whatever you fell like doing in your readings, but I strongly recommend you stay on a loving and respectable way when you use this powerfull divination tool.

Suggestions on prayer/ intention to boost your self confidence and activate your intuition:

«Dear Mother Earth, Father Universe, Goddess, God and spirit guides. (Totally optional) Thank your for this opportunity to connect to the wisdom of the universe by using my tarot cards and my intuition. I know that I am just where I need to be on my tarot journey, and I know all that I need to know at this point and my reading of the cards is more that good enough. I trust my intuition and know that it is activated as soon as I touch the cards and it is protected as soon as the reading is over. I only connect to loving and true energy sources and I am safe. I also know that I pull exactly the cards me, or my client needs in this present moment. Thank you!»

Suggestions for prayer/ intention setting before you start your readings (to connect with your cards):

«Dear tarot cards, thank you for your help, wisdom and love. I promise that this wisdom will only be used for the higher good, and to help other people (if you want to do that) and my own self development. I ask now for your help and guidance through this reading. I only read the cards their original direction and my readings are done from a state of love. Please only show me only what is true, good and real. Thank you.»

Find your own perfect intention/ prayer for your needs!

Please know that this is merely some suggestions and how I like to roll with my tarot cards 🙂 Find out what you need to boost before you start doing readings and implement and edit as you wish. It’s your journey after all!


Try to use the techniques I talk about in the video. And please do not hesitate on changing your personal intention/ prayer so it suits your needs perfectly.

PS: try to first do one reading without preparing yourself, and then one where you use the techniques that I thought you in this video lesson. Di you feel any difference?

Good luck and have fun! (And remember: practice makes perfect – be kind to yourself).

Tarot blessings from Ragna🧙🏻‍♀️