Lesson 4 – Meaning of the Tarot Cards: Major Arcana

Welcome to the fourth lesson in this course! In this lesson you will learn about the cards in the Major Arcana!

A tarot deck consist of a total of 78 cards. 56 of these are in the Minor Arcana (meaning small secrets) and 22 of them are in the Major Arcana (meaning big secrets). In this video lesson will talk about the major arcana and the magickal journey of lessons ans experiences which these cards is built on.

The Major Arcana – Wisdom from the Universe, a Journey of the Soul (Excerpt from the PDF-handout that you also could download in the first lesson)

Generally speaking, when a card from The Major Arcana pops out in a reading (or even more of them) they need some extra attentions. Their message and symbolism are truly vast (I bet ten books on every archetype would still not cover all the meanings), and they often come with messages on soul-level. These cards are “heads-up” and covers themes that are on a deeper level. In many ways the Major Arcana is the Universe’s direct line with super exciting information to you.

As I said, the meaning and symbolism of the Major Arcana is vast, but here to, there is a system and some core meanings you can easily learn and memorize (or use the handout I made for these course). The more you practice, you will notice that you more quickly receive information through your intuition. In the beginning of your journey in mysterious and lovely world of tarot, these key words are sufficient. However, I do not claim that these key words are enough forever, that would really be to disrespect and insult the mighty tool that tarot is.

Just to get started, key words will help you a lot (this is my experience anyway). Then you can, step by step, deepen your understanding of each card, each archetype. What does each archetype mean for you? I several times during this course stress the importance of really getting to know your tarot deck(s). Truly knowing your cards will make your readings super exciting, genuine, and unique. AND it will help you remember and understand these amazing archetypes which the major arcana is built on.

Representing a journey of lessons and experiences of the soul:

The major arcana represents a journey of the soul. A series of lessons if you like. This are often big, deep lessons that changes our life. I will go more deeply into this in the video. You can also take a look at the key words I have written in the PDF-handout you download in the firs lesson and take notes as I tell the tale that The Fool will embark on. Let’s enjoy a little storytime together📚

In this video lesson you will:

  • Learn about the journey of lessons and experiences that The Major Arcana symbolises and shows.
  • Hear a little tale about The Fool and one of is journey through these learnings.

Video for this lesson:

Psst: I have made chapters in the YouTube Video so you easily can navigate back and forth in the video lesson.

Exercise for this lesson:

In this lessons exercise i encourage you to take out all of the 22 cards in the major arcana. From The Fool to The World. Put them in correct order and study them for a couple of minutes. Then go through every card and se how the journey develops: all the drama, all the happiness and all the challenges. Notice also what kind of cards comes after a challenging card. For example The Star after The Tower and so forth. The all have their own special meaning but are also connected. By seeing the big picture you will also get the deeper meaning of every card.

Also ask yourself this: what kind of journey does YOUR cards tell YOU? This is a perfect question to meditate upon 🧘🏻‍♀️

Tarot Blessings from Ragna🧙🏻‍♀️