Lesson 3 – Meaning of the Tarot Cards: Minor Arcana

Welcome to the third lesson in this course! In this lesson you will learn about the cards in the Minor Arcana!

A tarot deck consist of a total of 78 cards. 56 of these are in the Minor Arcana (meaning small secrets) and 22 of them are in the Major Arcana (meaning big secrets). In this video lesson will talk about the minor arcana and the system which it is built on.

The Minor Arcana – Everyday life and Earthly Experiences (Excerpt from the PDF-handout that you also could download in the first lesson)

The cards from this part of the tarot deck which consist of a total of 56 cards, is all about your day-to-day life and earthly experiences and lessons. Its messages may not go as deep as what the archetypes in the Major Arcana does, but this does not mean they do not have a significant meaning. I firmly believe that our souls have chosen to live an earthly life and to have a “human experience”. You might say that Minor Arcana is a sort of manual on how to get through this life as happily as possible.

Every suit has its own tone and element:

  • 🔥 Wands represent the element of fire. This element and suit are all about your passion in life, creativity and your ambitions in both career and personal life.
  • 🌬 Swords represent the element of air. This element and suit are all about your intellect, logic, communication skills, thought patterns and mental power.
  • 💧 Cups represent the element of water. This element and suit are all about your feelings, emotional processes, and intuition.
  • 🌱 Pentacles represent the element of earth. This element and suit are all about your material and physical world, career, and earthly possessions.

In this video lesson you will:

  • Get a nice overview on how the Minor Arcana is build.
  • Understand the meanings from Ace to Ten in every Suit.
  • The jobs that he Court Cards represent.
  • Know what element and qualities (and maybe season) that the different suits represent.

Video for this lesson:

Psst: I have made chapters in the YouTube Video so you easily can navigate back and forth in the video lesson.

Exercise for this lesson:

In lesson two I encouraged you to really get to know the tarot deck you are using for this course (you can always work with another deck in the future). Take your deck up again and sort out the four suits from Ace to King. Can you:

  • Se a story unfolding from the start of the ace up to Ten?
    • How does every card, if they show, their key meaning? Use the handout!
  • How do the court cards look? Are there any specific differences between the suits and elements? Are any of the suits correlated to a time of the year? And how does the court cards in your tarot deck show the jobs they have?
  • Is there any people in your life you can relate to the energy of the different court cards, this trick will help you remember the cards with greater ease.

Have fun exploring your deck further and putting the dots together! Personally I love to have these «aha-moments when I get into my new decks. I promise you – it only gets more and more fun!

Tarot Blessings from Ragna🧙🏻‍♀️