Lesson 2 – Become BFF’s with your tarot cards

I always make sure to have a close and deep relationship with the decks I use for my clients and myself!

Welcome to lesson 2 in this online course. It’s time to become BFF’s with your tarot cards💚

Hello again, and welcome back! I hope you have gotten started with your lovely tarot cards and maybe started pulling a card every day. Finally your journey has begun! Hurrah! 🥳✨

In this lesson you will really get to know your tarot cards, specifically the deck you are using for this online course. Even though all tarot decks are build on the same system, they have their own «voice» or «tone». I will demonstrate this in this video lesson. The more you now your deck(s) the more unique an in depth your readings will be. By really knowing your cards (being BFF’ with them), you get a whole new dimension in your readings. I go more deeply into this in the video.

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn more about the different voice and tone different tarot decks might have.
  • Learn different techniques to help you get to know and hopefully become BFF’s with your deck:
    • How to open and cleanse your new (and/ or old deck).
    • Inauguration and positive intensions to start a good relationship!
    • How to shuffle your cards.
    • Ask your cards how you can be the best team ever.
    • Sleep with your cards to deepen the connection. PJ-tarot party is the best!
  • Really get to know the deck you are working with on this specific course. This is also your exercise for this lesson 🙂

Video for lesson 2:


Get to know your tarot cards. By really knowing your deck(s), your reading will be even stronger and more genuinely you. Try out my tips in the video and feel free to look at my tips in the PDF-handout you can download beneath as well. This PDF can function as a little checklist as well as this:

  • Say «hi» to all your cards.
  • Do some quick notes on every card: what to you feel when you look at the cards? (Tip: It might be smart to sort the cards into suits first. This way you can make your own little system for the card deck you are working with in your Tarot notebook).

PDF-handout with some tips from me on how you can become BFF’s with your Tarot Cards:

Good luck and remember to have fun 🔮

Blessings from Ragna🧙🏻‍♀️