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The Hierophant – Spiritual teachings, tradition, mentorship

A little series about the different Tarot cards.

I loooooove tarot! It has really changed my life to the better, both personally and professionally! I have gained so much knowledge and confidence using this tool. First it was only for my self, but after a while it became part of my job.

Tarot readings has the last couple of years been one of my main income sources, first in my old company Spira Healing and now in Ragna’s spiritual corner (thank you universe). And I keep getting baffled on how this tool keeps on helping and being spot on with their messages. Hopefully more people will discover tarot and see how powerful these cards are as a self development tool. Therefore I have created this little series where I short and sweet talk about the meanings of the different cards in the tarot deck. Hope you’ll enjoy, feel free to leave a comment on what the card means to you!

5 – The Hierophant from The Major Arcana

I love tarot cards and love to share their meaning with you 💜

When The Hierophant enters our life, its time to learn stuff! Either by learning from a mentor, or learning by teaching others! Often what we most need to learn ourselves, is what we are brilliant at talking about!

The Hierophant is often depicted as a respected authority because of his wisdom and knowledge. In some decks he his depicted as a Christan priest or Pope, but this card does not have anything to do with religion. This archetype is respected and looked up to because he manages to wield his spiritual practice and he knows how important and healing that can be for the soul.

The Hierophant is not a laid back «new age hippie» (which I also love, don’ get me wrong), he is a firm beliver of following traditions, learning from experiences mentors and having a ritual around your spirituality. Personally I belive that spiritual practice should feel easy. At the same time, if you want to get into a good meditations practice for instance, you need to ritualize it to get into a good rhythm. You need to do the work as well as thinking you are spiritual and loving all stuff that is magickal and interesting for the soul.

So when this teacher comes into your life it might mean that you need to learn more, learn others more, get more devoted to your spirituality etc. It might be a perfect time to enter that online course you have wanted for so long, or read a new spiritual book or take a workshop.

Its time to feed the soul – don’t let it go hungry!

Tarot blessings, love and light from me to you🧙🏻‍♀️

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