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The Empress – Creativity, fertility and beauty

A little series about the different Tarot cards.

I loooooove tarot! It has really changed my life to the better, both personally and professionally! I have gained so much knowledge and confidence using this tool. First it was only for my self, but after a while it became part of my job.

Tarot readings has the last couple of years been one of my main income sources, first in my old company Spira Healing and now in Ragna’s spiritual corner (thank you universe). And I keep getting baffled on how this tool keeps on helping and being spot on with their messages. Hopefully more people will discover tarot and see how powerful these cards are as a self development tool. Therefore I have created this little series where I short and sweet talk about the meanings of the different cards in the tarot deck. Hope you’ll enjoy, feel free to leave a comment on what the card means to you!

3 – The Empress from The Major Arcana

I love tarot cards and love to share their meaning with you 💜

When the beautiful Empress from The Major Arcana enters the arena (your reading), it’s time to pay attention to your creative abilities. Maybe this is a time to really honour your creative side, or maybe you are in a super awesome creative flow painting and writing like crazy. Either way, creativity is important at the time you pull this card. Set logic and rational thinking a side, and use your creativity to solve issues that might challenge you at the time where you pull this card.

The Empress is super fertile, and in many tarot decks she is presented pregnant, this card can many times represent a mother figure in your life. Even though I do not give readings considering pregnancies (because of ethical reasons), it is worth noting that this card can be a positive card if you hope to conceive a baby. It is also a positive sign for new projects and new beginning. Something brilliant is brewing inside of you and are yearning to be birthed out to the world. How can you through your creative abilities (remember, there are many ways to be creative) bring your dreams and plans into life?

Also, when this lovely lady comes into your life, it can signal a time for material abundance and joy.✨ Often The Empress is pictured sitting in a golden field holding a big basket of fruit. Her hair is lush and she looks healthy, sexy and happy – she is a Lady in all her existence. So basically good times are coming. The Empress also encourages you to look at how beautiful you are! And she also likes to pamper herself. Maybe you could indulge yourself with a new face cream, a massage, some nice organic make up, a nice warm bath or a little beauty-nap? Take care of your self so you keep glowing 😘

The Empress is a lovely archetype symbolising creativity, fertility, beauty and abundance. And she invites you to consider how you can you bring more of these elements into your life💚 Hmm… I’m going to order some new facial cream and cleansing oil now…🤩

Tarot blessings, love and light from me to you🧙🏻‍♀️

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