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Get Started With Tarot🔮✨

loooooove tarot! It has really changed my life to the better, both personally and professionally! I have gained (and are still gaining) so much knowledge and confidence using this tool. First it was only for myself, but after a while it became part of my job. Tarot readings has been the main income in my little spiritual business for years now, and this awesome “direct-line” to the vast wisdom of the universe and the soul, never stops to baffle me! I still learns new stuff about tarot, and I hope I will continue to learn new stuff about these cards for the rest of my life.

This is some of the core things that you are will learn in this online course:

The course consists of six video lessons and some cool exercises you can test out. This is how the video lessons look like:

  • Lesson 1: Get Started with your Tarot Cards:
    • In this lesson you will learn a easy system that makes tarot much more fun to learn. You get a PDF-handout that helps you get started pulling cards and actually understanding them. 🔮
  • Lesson 2: Become Bff’s with your Tarot Cards:
    • You will learn some exciting and fun techniques that will help you to really know your tarot deck. Being Bff’s with your deck will make your readings unique and deeper. 💚
  • Lesson 3: Meaning of the tarot cards: The Minor Arcana:
    • In this lesson I give you a little run-through The Minor Arcana.
    • You will se the big picture and system that The Minor Arcana is built upon.
    • Meet and understand the court cards. 👑
  • Lesson 4: Meaning of the tarot cards: The Major Arcana:
    • In this lesson I give you a little run through The Major Arcana.
    • Let’s travel along with the archetypes in the eyes of The Fool. 🥾🌄
  • Lesson 5: Get Confident With Your Tarot Card readings:
    • Learn exciting, powerful and easy techniques which will help you to trust yourself ,and never pull the wrong cards.🌟
  • Lesson 6: Using Tarot Spreads + The Tarot Journey Continues:
    • I give my my best tips on how you can with ease and compassion continue your tarot-journey and let you know how you can deepen your tarot-knowledge base. 
    • I will show you my favourite tarot spreads and teach you how you can use them. 🔮
    • Also I will link to some of mye favourite tarot-teachers, books and courses 📚

All this knowledge and videos will be yours for life when you purchase the course for only 1111kr

Become your own oracle, get more confident and discover the mysteries and wisdom of the universe with tarot🔮🔮

Benefits from learning tarot:

Wooha! Where do I start? I think I’ll just make a list, the benefits are SO many! This are my main reasons to why you should learn tarot:

  • You basically always have an awesome mentor or guide (in your pocket) to help you out when you are in the middle of life’s greater or lesser challenges. 💚
  • You will build a healthy connection to you intuition and learn to trust it even more. 🕉
  • Indecisive? Your tarot deck’s gonna help you take that damn hard (or not so hard) decision. (Trust me, I’m a Libra with to much analysing, “in the head” energy🙈).
  • Get to really know yourself with super interesting and deep spreads that will blow your mind an rocket fuel your spiritual development! 🚀
  • Better self confidence. By actively working with your cards, ideally daily, you will understand yourself, the world and all the magickal things happening with greater ease and grace. This will help you build your self confidence and you will se how all the dots the universe plants, come together and build a bigger picture🔍
I can’t wait to help you get started with tarot!

Sign up today and get all this awesome tarot knowledge for only 1111kr!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about this course.*

Bright blessings and lot’s of love from me to you💜🔮🧙🏻‍♀️

Ragna er en stolt heks, skribent, spirituell veileder og lærer, tarotleser og podkaster. Hun elsker å hjelpe og veilede mennesker med sin intuisjon, livserfaring og sine elskede tarotkort.

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