Om Ragna

My story – from breakdown to empowered witch

Hello spiritual traveller, welcome to my website and spiritual corner. I hope with the whole of my witchy heart that you will find inspiration and some magick while you are here! You probably wonder who this witch is? Well, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about my story. My name is Ragna and I am a solitary witch, a mother, film scholar, a writer, tarot reader and a spiritual teacher from Norway. I live together with the love of my life Kim, our son Lukas, daughter Luna and our two adorable cats, my familiars Vixen and Nemi.💜

I have always had a strong calling to help people, especially with my own experience and how I have overcome my own struggles. My name, Ragna, is an old Norse name, which literary means «advisor» (and goddess or warrior). In human design I am a 5/1 profiled Projector. So teaching and coaching others falls really natural to me.

After a breakdown during my career as a marketing assistant in a film distribution company in Oslo, my spiritual awakening and journey started for real. I had for years suppressed my spiritual side, keeping it to a minimum. I tried really hard to be «normal» and fit in with a «normal» job and a high degree. I finished my film- and television masters in 2014 while I was working as a marketing assistant in one of Norway’s biggest film distributors in the capital. I was constantly searching for approval and recognition by both my peers, family, colleges, friends and partner. I never felt good enough. Don’t get me wrong, I really love film and television and have frequently the last couple of years written movie reviews for the local news paper. I think these mediums will always have a special place in my heart and I will probably work with them one way or another. But the path I was on back then, was wrong for me in so many ways. And it gave me some valuable lessons.

While I finished my masters I was also working full time with my team on several movies. I used all my spare time and holidays to finish my masters. I pushed my body to the limit with little sleep, little «play-time/ time off». The universe had made sure to really get me on my right track through heavy transformation. The company I worked for went through big ass transformation as well. New viewer habits pushed, once again, the movie industry to adapt. This meant that a lot of people lost their job, and the structure of the company changed significantly.

Nemi 💜

Nine out of ten times change is NOT fun, and this is what I can tell you about the changes that happened. People where stressed, grumpy and ruthless. There where a lot of back talking and the working environment where not well! My team leader (who probably where under an insane amount of pressure from her leaders) gave me a hard time. She pushed all my «not-good-enough» buttons which made me feel small, stupid and worthless. It was really hard back then, but I an eternal grateful today. If this had not happened, I would never have taken the big step on starting my own business and be where I am at today! I know now that we all, even my team-leader, did their best with the cards that where dealt. Things happen for a reason and I’ grateful I got these experiences.

I started my career as a spiritual energy healer back in 2016. Since then a lot has happened. Healing was a catalysator for my intuitive- and clairvoyant abilities, and I found quickly out that tarot cards and tarot readings (and some oracle cards as well) just had to be a part of my business. I love to give readings and it has been part of my business core since 2018. In the recent years I have more and more felt a strong calling to inspire, support and help people with their spiritual development with teachings about different spiritual practices. I have tried a lot of different practices over the years and I love to tell and write what works for me. Earlier I had a lovely Norwegian membership site to support people on their spiritual journey and will surely open one similar, but even better in the nearest future.

My crazy family, Luna, Lukas, Kim and me 💜

2021 was a big year for me when I finally answered my calling to reach out more internationally and totally embrace my inner witch and role as a spiritual teacher. It’s been scary and a bit sad to say good bye to my old company Spira Healing, but it was the right time. I am looking so forward for all the magick that will be made and all the people I will meet.

In 2022 A LOT has happened, and I am looking forward du to share to you all the details, but for now it is still a bit secret. I have made som huge breakthroughs by starting an online coven Lunation and hosting real life witch-meetings (Heksetreff). I am enjoying every step of my magickal journey and I hope I inspire you to do the same. 🧙🏻‍♀️✨

This is how I can help you:


Dearest one, I am so grateful for YOU who are reading this! Even though change and new challenges can be scary, it is what makes us grow and prosper. So don’t let fear guide you, let it motivate you to do the changes you want. You wont regret it!

Let’s create magick together!

Magickal wishes from the movie-loving witch Ragna🧙🏻‍♀️🔮