Love is the only answer❤

Lightworkers unite and please send love to the world

Dear lightworkers and souls of this earth, love is the only answer. Lightworkers unite and send love to all the war victims suffering the wars that are infesting parts of Mother Earth. My heart is not only bleeding for the people of Ukraine as I write this, but also for all the human beings that have reincarnated with war as part of their human experience.

Watch this video and help me send love into this world we all share ❤

There is no such thing as a gentle war

War is horrible, brutal and so unfair. Let’s stand together and send love, peacefull energies and compassion. Don’t jugde the whole country, send love to all, even those you hate! This might sound crazy and difficult, but it is the only way. Trust me and most of all trust love!

Send love, it is the only answer

You don’t need any experience as a lightworker (healer, clairvoyant, tarot reader etc.) to send love. We all know what love is. Fight war, fear, anxiety and anger with love – it is the only way❤️

Breath through the heart and push an «energy ball of love» into the world and to the people to need it. I love you, I respect you and I love you for watching this video and helping me share the love!

Love, peace and light from me to you!

Blessed be❤

Ragna er tarotekspert, skribent og stolt heks. Hennes hovedfokus er tarot, heksekunst og spirituell utvikling. Hun holder kurs i tarot og har en medlemsside, Lunation, for moderne hekser.

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