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This category is all about my personal life which I like to share sometimes.

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    Babylife and spiritual practise

    Lets be real: combing spiritual practise (or anything else) and a 5 week old baby is not easy🤪 I realize now how much time I had before Luna was born👶🏻🌙 I will from now on be even more gratefull for every moment I get to honour my spiritual life (+ get enough sleep, do my makeup, take a shower etc.) Puh!😅 I’m so gratefull that I have Kim in my life! He is my rock and makes the days go around! And Lukas has an awesome dad to play and cuddle with❤️🥰 Luna is a blessing, but having a little baby is also very time- and energy consuming! I breastfeed…

  • Personal stories from this witch,  Self Care

    Birthday Girl Celebrating Life

    Today is my 34th birthday! I’ll be perfectly honest, I love all the attention and love coming my way today❤ In Norway this is not always social acceptable to love being seen or being at the center of attention. Well I think this is rubbish thinking. Why not enjoy and celebrate life in general, and especially the day your soul choose to reincarnate and have another human experience. I choose to celebrate this to the fullest, I love the attention, the hugs and love, the food, the gifts and all the greetings. And I am not embarrassed at all – neither should you be! Low on energy and motivation lately…