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Birthday Girl Celebrating Life

Today is my 34th birthday! I’ll be perfectly honest, I love all the attention and love coming my way today❤ In Norway this is not always social acceptable to love being seen or being at the center of attention. Well I think this is rubbish thinking. Why not enjoy and celebrate life in general, and especially the day your soul choose to reincarnate and have another human experience.

I choose to celebrate this to the fullest, I love the attention, the hugs and love, the food, the gifts and all the greetings. And I am not embarrassed at all – neither should you be!

Low on energy and motivation lately – time to get real with myself

For the last couple of weeks I have been having a hard time on keeping my motivation and energy in a healthy vibration. The last couple of months as made its toll. We have been renovating and I’m pregnant (now 8 months inn). So even though I have been taking heaps of naps, working less (and of course not doing heavy lifting and such) I have felt dead tired.

2021 have in general been a roller coaster of a year for me both personally and in my career. This year I have become an auntie to a lovely little boy, Sigurd, I got pregnant again (yay! So looking forward to see her in november), we have renovated several rooms in our house and I have done some major changes in my spiritual business.

I knew already at the end of 2020 that change needed to happen with my earlier company Spira Healing. Something didn’t feel right. Which felt a bit sad when I had just a couple of months earlier started a very successful spiritual membership portal. It was so fun, but to be honest I worked my self to the bone. I started thinking: who am I doing this for? My self or the everybody else, just to be liked, accepted? And all the time something undefinable did not feel right.

Inevitable transformation – I asked for help, and the universe answered

Especially the business name Spira Healing and identifying myself as an energy healer did not feel right anymore. Back in 2016 it felt 100% right, but the last year and a half I felt my purpose laid elsewhere and something within me was screaming to reach out more internationally. (SCARY!) I decided in February that by the end of 2021 I would have another business: both in name and focus. I asked for help and support for this process and in March the universe connected me with my lovely coach Mayka (check out her webpage here, only in Norwegian). Thank you💜

Mayka is a manifester by heart and human design. She really helped me do some though choices (and still does). Finally I got the courage to end my membership page, change my business name and go from Norwegian to English. I don’t know if I had endured without her! To be brutally hones this process as been horribel scary and I have felt so alone and lost sometimes. Not all my followers liked the change (you cant please them all), and it had been scary speaking another language than my own. But somehow a force (the universe and Mayka) has pushed me forward.

I have found out that I am not here to please anyone, anymore. I am here to follow my heart, my calling, my creativity and be proud of who I am. Hence proud celebrating my birthday today!

This witch will continue to reach out after maternity leave, step by step✨ But for now I am gifting my self with the permission to relax, rest and get ready for the little witch that will arrive soon. Therefore there will not be possible to book readings from now on. My Online Tarot Course will be out soon though. I will also not be as active on Social Media. I need time to rest, reflect and just prepare for the lovely time coming 💚🤰🏻

My point of this blog post: Love an live your life now!

Yesterday the theme death came to me again and again. One of my dear friends in our coven where in a funeral and I read and heard stories about life suddenly ending for both young and old. The Death card form the major arcana also took up allot of my focus while working on my online course. I also heard Mayka’s personal story where only 2 cm was the difference between her family surving or dying in a car crash. Thank the godesses and gods they survived! This experience really changed her life and her story made me also get my focus and motivation back.

Today is my birthday and I am SO celebrating my life! I am so blessed and grateful that I have survived 34 years on this earth in this lovely country. Hopefully i got many more to come! There is so much love and good stuff going on already in my life, and I am ready for the times to come! I am grateful that I have an awesome family and friends that love me. I have my creativity, my crazy cats, my energy and my spiritual practice. I love my life and i will love and live it to the fullest. And I recommend you start doing the same if you are not yet doing it!

Welcome To Wherever You Are

As I write this post I am listening to Bon Jovi’s to Welcome to Wherever You Are and I simply love the lyrics and want to share some of them and their message with you:

Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you gotta believe
That right here, right now you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Welcome to wherever you are.

Bon Jovi

You can watch the lovely music video here:

Thank you for reading my blog and following me. Enjoy life and dear to be proud of being alive right now, right here!

Blessings from this birthday witch✨

34 year old witch feeling fab! 🥳✨

Ragna er tarotekspert, skribent og stolt heks. Hennes hovedfokus er tarot, heksekunst og spirituell utvikling. Hun holder kurs i tarot og har en medlemsside, Lunation, for moderne hekser.

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