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Babylife and spiritual practise

Lets be real: combing spiritual practise (or anything else) and a 5 week old baby is not easy🤪

I realize now how much time I had before Luna was born👶🏻🌙 I will from now on be even more gratefull for every moment I get to honour my spiritual life (+ get enough sleep, do my makeup, take a shower etc.) Puh!😅 I’m so gratefull that I have Kim in my life! He is my rock and makes the days go around! And Lukas has an awesome dad to play and cuddle with❤️🥰

Luna is a blessing, but having a little baby is also very time- and energy consuming! I breastfeed and somedays, especially if she needs some extra cuddles and feeding, I basically sit and breastfeed her all day (thats how it feels at least). Every task takes forever (this post has taken a couple of says to get posted!), and I get pretty overwhelmed by it all. Somedays I feel «eaten up», drained and I really miss having just a few minutes of only me time. I try to remind myself that it is not forever🙈 

With that said I have never been more happy❤️ I am blessed to have two healthy, loving kids! Being a mom is such a treat, even though I am dead tired now and again😝

I realize more and more that being spiritual and, for me, having a happy life is not only about pulling cards, meditating every morning, reading astrology or inspirational books, tarot and so forth. Those are perks! 

Now I really focus on giving myself a break and be kind to myself, I am doing the best I can and I’m not a «lesser or bad» spiritual person just because I can’t devote my time as much as I’d like to my spiritual practise at this time in my life. Maybe you feel the same, with or without a baby? Know that you can still honour your souls needs and connection to the universe🌟❤️
This is what I do to focus and connect to both my soul, body and the universe these days: 

✨Breathe. Every time I feel overwhelmed, stressed or tired I breathe deeply. Since I don’t get to meditate as much as I like now, this really gets me centeted😌

✨Stretch. To loosen up my shoulders and feel a bit more relaxed I do some gentle stretching as often as I can. It really feels good.

✨Practise gratefullness. I thank the universe for basically everything. It lifts my spirit and energy!

✨Enjoy the smaller things. Even a small coffee break or some minutes to write in mt diary is heaven and a luxury these days!

 ✨Remind my self that nothing is forever. When I am dead-tired, body aching or super stressed when Luna is crying I remind my self that nothing is forever, and new and better times will come. I force myself to focus on the positive.

✨Say kind words to myself and cheer my self on! I love Mel Robbins «high five habbit»🖐🏻

✨Listen to and watch inspirational audiobooks and movies. YouTube is gold👌🏻

✨Visualize and daydream/plan what I will do when I have more time and energy again. 

Enjoy the moments, be kind to yourself and adapt your spiritual practise to the life you are living now🌟 

Thank tou for following me and reading this post❤️

Love and magick from me to you🧙🏻‍♀️💫

Ragna er tarotekspert, skribent og stolt heks. Hennes hovedfokus er tarot, heksekunst og spirituell utvikling. Hun holder kurs i tarot og har en medlemsside, Lunation, for moderne hekser.

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