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Magickal Meanings of The Unicorn

Unicorns are one of the most loved and mysterious creatures of all time. This creature has always fascinated me and I have a strange and deep connection to this magickal being. I have a little statue of one at my desk to help me remember that anything is possible as long as I am true to my heart. Its ok to be different and to be bold! This is what this magickal being means to me.

This little fella with a rainbow tail helps me to stay creative and keep believing in my dreams and myself.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Unicorn?

There are many different meanings, here are a list of some of the meanings that this beautiful an mysterious creature inhabits:

  • Purity and honesty.
  • Magick, believe in magick!
  • Faeries are close by you. Unicorns are closely connected to the faery-realm.
  • Be yourself and be proud.
  • Luck, make a wish!
  • Miracles.
  • Children and your inner child. Stay connected to your inner child.
Unicorns also often have a natural connection to children and reminds us of being connected to our inner child.

I hope you have a unicorn attitude in your life, your certainly deserve it! 🦄

Blessed be my fellow spiritual travellerđź’ś

Lots of love and light from Ragna🧙🏻‍♀️

Ragna er tarotekspert, skribent og stolt heks. Hennes hovedfokus er tarot, heksekunst og spirituell utvikling. Hun holder kurs i tarot og har en medlemsside, Lunation, for moderne hekser.

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